1878 – The original building, “Clavering”, still in use today, built by mathematic professor Gurney.

1918 – Professor Gurney Dies in England.

1922 – Property brought by Albert Dalwood.

1928 – Mr Dalwood donated the property to the “Food for Babies Fund”. This fund has been formed by a group of supporters of a large maternity hospital to provide milk, nourishing foods, blankets, clothes, etc as mothers and babies were often malnourished when they returned home.

1930 – Flight Lieutenant Chales Ulm performed spectacular flying feats in his biplane over Dalwood. This was to celebrate the opening of this “Home of Health”.

1940 – Due to the Second World War, children of servicemen being admitted in increasing numbers to Dalwood.

1956 – Daily averages of 56 resident children, being cared for while parents were suffering hardships, due to illness, unemployment, marriage break up etc.

1970 – Mr Charles Bright introduced Nicholas, the first of his golden retrievers. They became Sydney identities, collecting an amazing amount of money for Dalwood over several years.

1978 – Day Care Unit Opened.

1982 – End of nursing staff, employment of house parents. Units replaced large dormitory style accommodation.

1989 – Family Care Service moved to Dalwood.

1992 – Diagnostic Unit and Palm Avenue School moved to Dalwood.

2006 – Parent Support Team moved to Dalwood.